VICTOR  Short meat supplyc-chain [CASDAR project]


VICTOR Short meat supplyc-chain [CASDAR project]

Construction of tools to help farmers in short circuits to control the various aspects of the quality of their meat and meat products, in response to the expectations and requirements of these circuits within the territories

Based on an extensive inventory of the situation of short food supply chains for beef and pork meat and meat products, the VICTOR project aims to (1) identify and prioritize the quality criteria for the actors of short circuits (producers and customers, in relation with the territories), (2) diagnose the needs of farmers in terms of tools to achieve these objectives within the constraints of organization and profitability of short food supply chains, and finally (3) develop these tools to support them effectively in the diversification of their activities. These tools for farmers, their advisors and trainers (continuing education and/or studies) within the framework of short food supply chains circuits, will be in digital format in order to be complementary to face-to-face training and to adapt as well as possible to the availability and constraints of the targeted public.

Modification date : 11 September 2023 | Publication date : 05 May 2022 | Redactor : SG