REDuction of food LOSSES by microbial spoilage prediction [Projet ANR]

Project coordinated by Monique Zagorec and Sandrine Guillou at UMR SECALIM

SECALIM staff involved in the REDLOSSES project :

Monique Zagorec : coordinator of the projet

  • Sandrine Guillou : co-coordinator
  • Jeanne-Marie Membré : coordinator of task1
  • Emmanuel Jaffrès
  • Laurent Marché
  • Ngoc-Du Luong, ph.D student
  • Catherine Magras
  • Nicolas Moriceau
  • Valérie Anthoine
  • Agnès Bouju-Albert

Valorisation :

  • Poirier, S., G. Coeuret, M.-C. Champomier-Vergès, M.-H. Desmonts, D. Werner, C. Feurer, B. Frémaux, S. Guillou, N.-D. M. Luong, O. Rué, V. Loux, M. Zagorec, S. Chaillou and o. b. o. t. A. R. C. G. 2023. Holistic integration of omics data reveals the drivers that shape the ecology of microbial meat spoilage scenarios. Frontiers in Microbiology 14.
  • Luong, N.-D. M., L. Coroller, M. Zagorec, N. Moriceau, V. Anthoine, S. Guillou and J.-M. Membre 2022. A Bayesian approach to describe and simulate the pH evolution of fresh meat products depending on the preservation conditions. Foods 11(8).
  • N.-D. M. Luong, J.-M. Membré, L. Coroller, M. Zagorec, S. Poirier, S. Chaillou, M.-H. Desmonts, D. Werner, V. Cariou and S. Guillou    2021    Application of a path-modelling approach for deciphering causality relationships between microbiota, volatile organic compounds and off-odour profiles during meat spoilage    International Journal of Food Microbiology    348        109208
  • Poirier, S., N.-D. M. Luong, V. Anthoine, S. Guillou, J.-M. Membre, N. Moriceau, S. Reze, M. Zagorec, C. Feurer, B. Fremaux, S. Jeuge, E. Robieu, M. Champomier-Verges, G. Coeuret, E. Cauchie, G. Daube, N. Korsak, L. Coroller, N. Desriac, M.-H. Desmonts, R. Gohier, D. Werner, V. Loux, O. Rue, M.-H. Dohollou, T. Defosse and S. Chaillou 2020. Large-scale multivariate dataset on the characterization of microbiota diversity, microbial growth dynamics, metabolic spoilage volatilome and sensorial profiles of two industrially produced meat products subjected to changes in lactate concentration and packaging atmosphere. Data in brief 30: 105453-105453.
  • Luong, N.-D. M., L. Coroller, M. Zagorec, J.-M. Membré and S. Guillou 2020. Spoilage of chilled fresh meat products during storage: A quantitative analysis of literature data. Microorganisms 8(8). Ranking du JCR: Q2 (JCR® 2019).  
  • Luong, N.-D. M., S. Jeuge, L. Coroller, C. Feurer, M.-H. Desmonts, N. Moriceau, V. Anthoine, S. Gavignet, A. Rapin, B. Frémaux, E. Robieu, M. Zagorec, J.-M. Membré and S. Guillou 2020. Spoilage of fresh turkey and pork sausages: Influence of potassium lactate and modified atmosphere packaging. Food Research International 137: 109501. Ranking du JCR: Q1 (JCR® 2019).


Monique Zagorec, UMR SECALIM

Sandrine Guillou, UMR SECALIM

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One of the objectives - Reduce food losses !
Causal links between meat microbiota, volatiloma and sensory alteration in meat
The dataset of 714 samples was deposited on the INRAE ​​data portal and published in a data paper. A quantitative review of the spoilage literature and a first research article on the effect of lactate and protective atmosphere on spoilage in poultry and pork sausages were recently published.
Acquisition de données biologiques et développement de modèles statistiques en vue de quantifier le risque d’altération de la viande (Sandrine Guillou, Jeanne-Marie Membré et Louis Coroller)

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