Project coordinated by Géraldine Boué from UMR SECALIM [Project funded by RFI Food For Tomorrow, SECALIM]

Staff of UMR SECALIM involved in the project MEAT INTEGRATE:

  • Vincent Tesson, post-doctoral position
  • Géraldine Boué, coordinater
  • Sandrine Guillou
  • Michel Federighi




  •  Hdaifeh, A., T. Khalid, G. Boué, E. Cummins, S. Guillou, M. Federighi and V. Tesson 2020. Critical analysis of pork qmra focusing on slaughterhouses: Lessons from the past and future trends. Foods 9(1704).
  • Khalid, T., A. Hdaifeh, M. Federighi, E. Cummins, G. Boué, S. Guillou and V. Tesson 2020. Review of quantitative microbial risk assessment in poultry meat: The central position of consumer behavior. Foods 9(1661).
  • Tesson, V., M. Federighi, E. Cummins, J. de Oliveira Mota, S. Guillou and G. Boué 2020. A systematic review of beef meat quantitative microbial risk assessment models. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(3). Ranking du JCR: Q2 (JCR® 2019).

In this folder

Microbial Risk Assessment of Meat, From the Farm to Fork: Integrating Knowledge, Data and Existing Models into an Innovative Quantitative Risk Ranking Tool
In the framework of the project Meat Integrate funded by the RFI Food For Tomorrow :

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