Assessment of the impact of stress on the virulence of Campylobacter using a multicellular model [MICA INRAE Project]

Project supervised by Nabila Haddad from UMR SECALIM

SECALIM staff involved in the CAMPIES project:

  • Nabila Haddad, coordinator
  • Jean-Michel Cappelier, Professor
  • Sandrine Guillou, research Engineer
  • Agnès Bouju-Albert, technician
  • Sandrine Rezé, technician
  • Mayra Aguirre-Garcia, Master 2 then engineer

Valorisation :

Aguirre Garcia, M., K. Hillion, J.-M. Cappelier, M. Neunlist, M. M. Mahe and N. Haddad 2022. Intestinal organoids: New tools to comprehend the virulence of bacterial foodborne pathogens. Foods 11(1).


Nabila Haddad, Assitant Professor

In this folder

Development of a multicellular model for the study of the virulence of Campylobacter jejuni

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