Coordinated at SECALIM by Odile Tresse [funds of RFI Food for Tomorrow]

SECALIM staff involved in the Campylomic project :

  • Odile Tresse
  • Morgane Nennig, phD student

Valorisation :

  • Nennig, M., A.-K. Llarena, M. Herold, J. Mossong, C. Penny, S. Losch, O. Tresse and C. Ragimbeau 2021. Investigating major recurring Campylobacter jejuni lineages in Luxembourg using four core or whole genome sequencing typing schemes. Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology 10(818).


In this folder

Comparison of stability study of Campylobacter jejuni genotypes of human and food isolates

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