Sequencing food factory microbiota. Application to smoked salmon production

Projet coordinated by Emmanuel Jaffrès from SECALIM [Pays de la Loire Regional Project]

SECALIM staff involved in ALTEROBIO project :

Fleche Alterobio
  • Emmanuel Jaffrès, coordinator
  • Hervé Prévost
  • Aurélien Maillet, PhD student
  • Agnès Bouju-Albert



Valorisation :

  • Bouju-Albert, A., S. Saltaji, X. Dousset, H. Prévost and E. Jaffrès 2021. Quantification of viable Brochothrix thermosphacta in cold-smoked salmon using PMA/PMAxx-qPCR. Frontiers in Microbiology 12(1907).
  • Maillet, A., A. Bouju-Albert, S. Roblin, P. Vaissié, S. Leuillet, X. Dousset, E. Jaffrès, J. Combrisson and H. Prévost 2021. Impact of DNA extraction and sampling methods on bacterial communities monitored by 16S rDNA metabarcoding in cold-smoked salmon and processing plant surfaces. Food Microbiology 95.
  • Maillet, A., P. Denojean, A. Bouju-Albert, E. Scaon, S. Leuillet, X. Dousset, E. Jaffrès, J. Combrisson and H. Prévost 2021. Characterization of bacterial communities of cold-smoked salmon during storage. Foods 10(2).


In this folder

A microbiological signature associated with the production plant
Development of a molecular method targeting only viable cells
The need to standardize and validate analysis methods
Characterize environmental microbiota in food factories in order to control and anticipate microbiological contamination of products (smoked salmon) (Hervé Prévost et Emmanuel Jaffrès)

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