Monitoring of Production Environments in Food Industries [CRD Anses]

Project coordinated by Secalim

SECALIM staff involved in the SEPIA project :

  • Michel Federighi
  • Hervé Prévost
  • Emmanuel Jaffrès
  • Géraldine Boué
  • Juliana de Oliveira Mota, Research Engineer



Valorisation :

  • De Oliveira Mota, J., G. Boué, H. Prévost, A. Maillet, E. Jaffres, T. Maignien, N. Arnich, M. Sanaa and M. Federighi 2021. Environmental monitoring program to support food microbiological safety and quality in food industries: A scoping review of the research and guidelines. Food Control 130: 108283.
  • De Oliveira Mota, J., P. Kooh, E. Jaffres, H. Prevost, T. Maignien, N. Arnich, M. Sanaa, G. Boue and M. Federighi 2022. First survey about current practices of environmental monitoring programs within french agri-food industries. Biology 11(1).


Michel Federighi, Professor at Secalim

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Hazard analysis and control in production environments is a topical subject and a lever for food safety.
First survey within French agri-food industries

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