Lactic acid bacteria and High Pressure Processing for innovative, sustainable preservation of meat products [French ANR Project]

Project coordinated by UMR PAM, Dijon (France) - Task 3 coordinated by Monique Zagorec from UMR SECALIM

Staff from SECALIM involved in the BLac-HP project:

  • Monique Zagorec, coordinator of task 3
  • Sandrine Guillou
  • Marie-France Pilet
  • Mihanta Ramarozon, engineer assistant
  • Hervé Prévost
  • Xavier Dousset
  • Albert Rossero
  • Valérie Anthoine
  • Sandrine Rezé


  • Chaillou, S., M. Ramaroson, G. Coeuret, A. Rossero, V. Anthoine, M. Champomier-Vergès, N. Moriceau, S. Rezé, J.-L. Martin, S. Guillou and M. Zagorec 2022. Combination of high-pressure treatment at 500 MPa and biopreservation with a Lactococcus lactis strain for lowering the bacterial growth during storage of diced cooked ham with reduced nitrite salt. Microorganisms 10(2): 456.
  • Zagorec, M., M. C. Champomier Verges, S. Guillou and S. Chaillou 2020. Biopréservation et hautes pressions : effet sur les communautés microbiennes. Viandes et Produits Carnés Janvier 2020.
  • Simonin, H., S. André, S. Chaillou, M. C. Champomier Verges, C. Feurer, S. Guillou, V. Jury, M. d. Lamballerie, J. L. Martin, C. Modugno, G. Petit, M. F. Pilet, L. Pottier, A. Rakotondramavon, M. Ramaroson, M. Zagorec, V. Zuliani and J. M. Perrier-Cornet 2019. Biopréservation et hautes pressions: des outils pour la maîtrise des dangers microbiologiques dans les aliments. Industries Alimentaires et Agricoles, [Online] 34-38.
  • Ramaroson, M., S. Guillou, A. Rossero, S. Rezé, V. Anthoine, N. Moriceau, J.-L. Martin, F. Duranton and M. Zagorec 2018. Selection procedure of bioprotective cultures for their combined use with High Pressure Processing to control spore-forming bacteria in cooked ham. International Journal of Food Microbiology 276: 28-38. Ranking du JCR: Q1.


Monique Zagorec, UMR SECALIM

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Treatment combining biopreservation and High Pressure Processing to control bacteria and spores in chilled meat products

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