New release of a book on Campylobacter

Release Campylobacter book

New release of a book on Campylobacter

SECALIM edited a new book on Campylobacter in two versions french and english. Do not hesitate to ask to buy one.

This is the first edition of a book related on Campylobacter published by the French Society of Microbiology. The content in this book provides essential, specific updated knowledge on this foodborne pathogen known today to be the first bacterial cause of foodborne infectious disease in most countries. A true monograph, written in a didactic spirit by 18 experts in various fields of bacteriology, this book contains 9 chapters. Each chapter includes fundamental and practical information useful for an in-depth knowledge of this micro-organism in its intimate mechanisms allowing its transmission, diagnosis, detection, survival or pathogenesis, but also the elements and factors useful for its control in terms of public health.
This book is intended for a wide audience concerned with the microbiological safety of food: students at universities, agri-food engineering schools and veterinary schools, teachers and trainers, but also quality managers in food processing industries, managers and technicians of food analysis laboratories and official control or evaluation bodies.
Book coordinated by: Nabila Haddad, Doctor in Microbiology, Lecturer at Oniris, Raouf Tareb, Doctor in Microbiology, Lecturer at Oniris & Michel Federighi, Professor of Veterinary Public Health at the National Veterinary School of Alfort.

Table of contents

  •     Campylobacter spp & food safety (Anses, Pauline Kooh and Secalim, Michel Federighi)
  •     Pathogenic mechanism of Campylobacter jejuni (Secalim, Nabila Haddad, Mayra Aguirre Garcia, Jean-Michel Cappelier)
  •     Campylobacter enteritis diagnosis in humans (CNR Bordeaux, Philippe Lehours, Emilie Bessède)
  •     Advanced methods for detection of Campylobacter in food (INRAE Micalis Unit, Yasmina Vidic)
  •     Source attribution of Campylobacter isolates (Anses Ploufragan + CNR Bordeaux, Quentin Jehanne, Katell Rivoa, Philippe Lehours)
  •     Overview of the Campylobacter-Control strategies at stages of poultry farm & slaughterhouse (Francis Lauriau, Sandrine Guillou, Michel Federighi)
  •     Antimicrobial resistance in Campylobacter jejuni (Anses Ploufragan, Isabelle Kempf, CNR Bordeaux Philippe Lehours)
  •     Survival strategies of C. jejuni to stress (Secalim, Raouf Tareb, Sandrine Guillou and Nabila Haddad)
  •     The importance of RNA regulators in the metabolism of Campylobacter jejuni (ITQB Oeiras, Vanessa Gomes da Costa, Catia Barria, Rute Matos & Cecilia Arraiano)

Modification date : 11 September 2023 | Publication date : 04 August 2023 | Redactor : SG