DURQUAL :Farmers & Consumers, co-actors in the construction of the QUALITY and DURABILITY of lentils [Exploratory SYALSA project]

A project coordinated by Marie Thiollet-Scholtus from UMR INRAE 1132 LAE and co-coordinated by Jeanne-Marie Membré from UMR SECALIM

The objective of DURQUAL is to explore the possibilities of (re)constructing a lentil sector bringing co-benefits to farmers and consumers, without forgetting the intermediaries that are industrials. The quality of the finished product (health risk and consumer preferences) and the sustainability of the sector (environmental, economic and social) will be co-constructed, via arbitration between the players. Methods of modeling and articulation of models, multi-criteria and risk-benefit assessment will be used to co-construct quality and sustainability. These methodological developments will be based on: i) Internet and field surveys to bring out the expectations of the actors, ii) telephone interviews with experts in the sector and leaders of networks and recent or ongoing projects on the supply chain, iii) analysis of data on health and on the lentil market. The models built will give a first overview of the sector in terms of quality and sustainability, and will also make it possible to identify the obstacles to the construction of co-benefits for the entire sector. New research fronts will therefore emerge from this work; they will apply to the lentil sector and will feed the scientific reflections necessary for the protein, plant and agroecological transition in France. DURQUAL is therefore fully in line with the study of healthy and sustainable food systems.

INRAE units partners:

  • UMR 1132 LAE, Equipe AGISEM, department ACT
  • UMR 1014 SECALIM, department MICA
  • UMR 1415 TSE-R, department ECOSOCIO

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